It’s time for a new kind of advertising for the internet. 

In cooperation with Jung van Matt

People don’t trust ads. People trust people. Brands don’t need more ads. They need more people sharing them in trusted contexts.

How to solve

"Rather than doing what everyone else has done before because it’s safe, we think it’s possible to create entirely new markets with vastly more opportunity for everyone." 
Falk Altenhöfer


Impressions per day


Click through Rate (CTR)



Cannabis with Influencers?

We know how to build communities and want to share our knowledge to position your brand period

We show you how to build your independency as a team to deliver easily with your team mates

We support you on demand to cross-promote your products with influencers and provide you with access to our tool VOCAL by JvM

What we need from you

Send us your marketing material and products to test

Tell us your target and goal

We invite you to HH for a two days to work on your positioning

Influecers by JvM can be used to bring awareness, change the positioning, and reinforce brand messaging without creating the negative experience and fatigue that comes with traditional advertising.

The ubiquity of this content allows them to influence how people feel about their brand at a scale. We do communities, not audience!

Brands get impact, publisher get paid opportunities and creators get more creatives in the world of cannabis. It’s a win-win-win.

Start your journey by booking your 2 day workshop with JvM in Hamburg and JvM give three companies in '24 exclusive access to boost their influencermarketing and support of PR with data.

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